Delivering maritime medical advice throughout the worlds oceans and seas.

The sea is a unique and demanding environment, in which to deliver care for an acute medical incident. There may be no medical professionals available, and physical access to qualified medical care may be hours or days away. Our doctors have extensive experience of delivering care for medical emergencies at sea. Direct access to specialist, evidence based, remote medical advice and support, is available during the assessment, diagnosis and ongoing treatment of the patient.


For patient safety, duty of care and best medical outcomes, those responsible for medical care, no matter how remote must have tele-medical support delivering the latest evidenced based medicine and the full decision support of a leading international hospital with specialist services and clinical governance.


We provide medical advice services to multinational maritime fleets. Read more →.

International Yachts

We provide medical advice to super yachts and and expedition yachts throughout the world. Read more →.

Offshore Installations

Offshore Installations

We provide topside cover to offshore installations globally. Read more →.

Exploration and Research

We provide medical advice and specialist planning for exploration and research in very remote or austere environments. Read more →.

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