In flight medical situations are challenging. The Commander is required to make considered, time critical decisions, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the passengers and crew. 

A call to our Direct to Doctor 24/7 service will connect you to our senior, experienced doctors, who are conversant with your operational factors, will deliver immediate, evidence based medical support; assisting the Commander to make a decisive, informed decision.

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Remote or extreme environments; with the inherent diversity of clients, wide range of clinical presentations, challenges of limited resources and infrastructure and variable contexts, makes delivery of high quality, pre-hospital care problematic.  Our senior and experienced doctors, combining the latest evidence in pre-hospital care with their logistical experience, will provide a tailored solution for your medical needs.

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The sea is a unique and demanding environment, in which to deliver care for an acute medical incident. There may be no medical professionals available, and physical access to qualified medical care may be hours or days away. Our doctors have extensive experience of delivering care for medical emergencies at sea.  Direct access to specialist, evidence based, remote medical advice and support, is available during the assessment, diagnosis and ongoing treatment of the patient. 

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Delivering best practice, in evidenced based remote medical care, world wide


Specialist Medicine

Remote medicine, is an interdisciplinary field of medicine dedicated to the treatment of injury and illness, remote from the hospital. Remote medical care, which includes, pre-hospital emergency medicine and pre-hospital medical care, are now well established specialist medical disciplines.

TheFirstCall provides this medical support throughout the world, 24/7, to those entrusted to our care. Medical support from experienced and senior doctors, who understand your operational situation, delivers the most appropriate treatments and interventions to ensure the best outcomes for the patient. We discover and innovate to find novel solutions for remote health care challenges.

Evidence Based Medicine

Extensive Experience

TheFirstCall medical team are recognised by their peers as the world leaders in this field, with 80 years of unrivalled experience in evidence based medical strategies in your environment. Dedicated to delivering excellence in the practice of evidence based remote medical care, using the latest clinical research, medical and technological discoveries to enhance patient care.

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Comprehensive Expertise

Together with the College of Life Science and Medicine the medical teams have been at the leading edge of clinical excellence and innovation since 1497. Achieving the highest standards in patient care and satisfaction, education and research, 5 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to recognize the advances made by the researchers.

There is a chasm in what is known in latest medical knowledge and what is being applied, with today’s explosion of medical research and knowledge, it is difficult for those working outside of the leading University hospitals to keep abreast of the latest developments in medical care.  

Utilising tele-medicine and tele-diagnostics, all of our cases are taken by senior doctors, supported by multidiscipline clinical teams ensuring, rapid access to specialist advice.

Remote Medical Care

Remote Medical Care 

So, whether you are mid-flight, on the ocean, or somewhere else in the world, no matter how remote, our highly skilled doctors,  fully conversant with the most recent medical developments and the latest research evidence in remote medical care are waiting to help those who have been injured or taken ill.